Arlene Hancock


I am a local artist and have been painting for more than 30 years.

I grew up on a small farm and would spend all my time outside. I had a favorite chestnut tree that I would do my homework in. Ironically enough it was the same tree I got stuck in for an entire afternoon when I was younger. I now live on an 8 acres lot along the mad river just on the edge of the rapidly growing town of Angus.


Inspired by all of natures elements and the various media techniques available my art explores the world around me. By always evolving and experimenting with forms, techniques and textures my work is ever changing.

I obtained two diplomas one in Creative Arts, and another in Developmental Services Work. I have participated in various art venues and have been commissioned to do several pieces. I have a love for photography, nature, musical instruments and painting, as well, as a passion for working with children.

Phone or text: 705-828-0800