Ian Kochberg


Ian Kochberg is an award-winning master printmaker who, after over 40 years in the Toronto area has, very recently moved his home, studio and gallery to beautiful Springwater.
Ian’s unique art is not for the mundane of heart. Works that pulsate with wit and whimsy, are highlighted by intricately interlaced borders and remarkable attention to detail. Often exploring musical and spiritual themes, each of his pieces is an “original print”, created entirely by hand. Using ancient, time-honoured printmaking materials and methods, a single edition can take a full year to create.
Ian personally grinds pigments, mixes and meticulously hand-prints each colour in the traditional manner. Solid metal plates are cut, engraved, etched in acid and then “hand-pulled” through a massive, custom-built etching press to deeply emboss the artwork; this adds dimension to his work – both literally and figuratively. Using archival quality materials, each piece is then carefully custom-framed by Arlene … his wife, partner, agent and soul-mate.