Sheila Bristow




Sheila Bristow, an established Canadian Artist, concentrated with enthusiasm on her artistic training in 2001. Greatly influenced by noted artist Billylyn Clark of Texas she studied with her for several years, continuing her studies with many well known instructors, courses at Georgian College and at MacLaren Art Centre helped her develop her skills. She has been fortunate to study with Meg Munro, a remarkable award winning Artist of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Painting is a very emotional experience for her and this shows in the paintings. She paints landscapes, large flowers and portraiture in all mediums. Her artwork is collected worldwide and
one of her paintings was hung in a show at La Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France , as well as
Zweinbrucken Castle in Zweinbrucken, Germany. 


Sheila is a Past-President of the Barrie Kempenfest Committee and was Treasurer of the Huronia Festival of Arts and Crafts.

She was the liaison for the Barrie Art Club to the aforementioned groups.
Sheila is a member of The Barrie Art Club and The MacLaren Art Centre.